Best methods of advertising for customer attraction.

Best methods of advertising for customer attraction.

You can introduce your service or products by successful and effective advertisement so that people can inform of these services or products. If advertisement is done correctly, it can change into extraordinary investment for your small business.
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Important goal of advertising program is reaching to the most reader and new attracted customers with the least cost and also increasing information of brand for expanding the place of brand in targeted market and more selling.

In today’s world, advertisement is useful for both customer and targeted market and also it leads to improvement of brand business. Advertisement helps people to decide by informing of product or service and they can choose their intended product or service easily based on their need and budget.

In fact, intelligent advertisement can explain differences and distinctions of products and brand services. In this article, we talk about the best ways of advertisement for customer attraction that help you in scheduling, performance and supervision of advertising program.

1.Detect your targeted readers.

Your advertisement should be special and you should interact with your targeted readers. One of the common mistakes of people in advertising program is that they have general advertisement and they cannot cooperate with their potential readers and customers. For example, consider that you have cosmetics shop. For attracting customers, you should consider targeted advertisement. By targeted we mean general advertisement that includes a large scope of the society. Maybe there are people that don’t interest in this subject but you can target interested people. Certainly, sport shop cannot be your goal. You should target people related to your activity or interest in your activity or products for example artist make up, beauty salons, and ….

2. Use your competitive advantage as an ace card.

Outstanding positive aspects of your business is the most important note of advertisement, it means the factors that distinguish you from other competitors. By this action, the customer introduces your product with special features and values and in comparison with competitors they choose you because they observe the values of your product.

3. Stay your image in customer’s mind.

This point should be paid attention that image has important role in advertising. You can effect with special and durable image in unconscious mind of your reader because by considering interesting images in their mind they choose products that has the most influence. Consider a special logo for your products that the customer always reminds your products everywhere.

4. Place your advertisement in places that has the most influence.

You should research about targeted market before advertisement. Detect their interest and know them more. What they need. And place your advertisement in suitable place that can reflect your message to the targeted market. By suitable market it means a large scope of the society that considers your targeted readers. Social network of Instagram in Iran is the best media for advertisement because apart from filtering of other social networks in Iran, Instagram is the only social network that has 24 million users from Iran. A large scope of readers on Instagram observes your advertisement. It is enough that you determine your targeted readers. Advertisement on Instagram has low cost and also has high result. And the most important of all, your readers are determined.

5. Supervise you advertisement.

You can receive this information from your customers that how and through what channels they know you. Understanding the most important elements of your advertisement and which media provides the most profitability of advertisement for your company because by this note you can consider more advertising focus on media with higher result.

6. Create a condition without interruption.

Always create a solution that satisfies you and the customer. First, in some cases with this method the seller tolerates low profit for preserving customer and increasing his loyalty just for a short period. Second, considering discount for increasing customer loyalty even it decreases the profit of selling in every transaction but with increasing the number of customers this deficiency compensates.