We’d like to thank our Roboclick community for suggesting this amazing feature. Thank you for patiently waiting. We’re now thrilled to introduce the Blacklists feature, which can target hashtags and usernames!
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With Blacklists Roboclick checks all the tags under every photo or video. If one of your blacklisted hashtags is present, you will never interact with this media—even if one of your main tags is present. That’s right—the Blacklist feature overrides everything!

What is really special about the Blacklists feature is that it works in conjunction with the Follow source: media option. If you’ve selected Follow source: Media, then you also will not follow the user who has used your blacklisted hashtag.

Finally, Blacklists allows you to exclude specific usernames from your activity. This works great to exclude competitors, ex-boyfriends, or even your boss from your Roboclick activity. That means you will never follow, unfollow, like, or comment on media from these users.

Some examples of how to use Blacklists:

Targeting bad tags

A user can add “bad tags” such as #drugs, #death, #brutality, etc. to Blacklists to ensure that their liking, commenting and following activity doesn’t target accounts that may reflect negatively on their brand.

Targeting usernames

Simply target the usernames that you want to exclude from your activity by entering the usernames manually. One great way to use this feature is to exclude all of your competitors’ accounts. As you know, it could look rather odd for you to comment on your competitors’ posts. Luckily, the Blacklists feature is now to the rescue!

Targeting Keywords 

Add some keywords to this list that you don't want to interact with.  This filter will search for stop keywords in media (tags and caption)  and in user (username, full name, bio and website), and will prevent  Roboclick from interacting with unwanted content.
You can also use asterisk symbol * in  your keywords. This will allow covering all possible variations of some  keywords. For example: add playboy* keyword to exclude all content that  contains any words that start with playboy.
You can add up to 3000 keywords in this list.


We've added 1 bonus day to all users who were active during the last month. Try our new Blacklists feature and give us your feedback!