Bypass Spam Accounts With Advanced Filters

Bypass Spam Accounts With Advanced Filters

Roboclick is a system that helps you to target real Instagram accounts that fit well with your niche. Unfortunately, Instagram has a lot of spam accounts that post inappropriate content
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In order to ensure that your Instagram Robot activity on Roboclick does not interact with these spam accounts, we’ve been working hard to improve and reconfigure our internal system filters to fight against inappropriate content more strictly.

In addition to our internal filters, we’re excited to release a new cluster of Advanced Filters and a Keywords Blacklist so that you can have even better control over the types of accounts you interact with using Roboclick. With Advanced Filters you can easily bypass inappropriate, offensive and irrelevant content that is listed under popular hashtags, as well as exclude spam accounts.

With our new Advanced Filters, Keywords Blacklist, and Internal Filters the chances are even smaller that unwanted content will sneak into your Roboclick activity.

Here is the full list of new filters and features that are now available in your settings:

Min/Max Comments Filters

The Min. and Max. Comments Filters allow you to specify a range of comments on the media you’re targeting. Some users find it helpful to target media without any comments, so that their comment is the first one. Other users may be targeting larger and more popular accounts. With Roboclick , you have all the control to target exactly the type of accounts you’re looking for.

User Relation Filter

The User Relation Filter helps you to exclude your own Followers or Followings from your activity on Roboclick. This comes particularly in handy when you’re running a campaign to post very specific comments. You may not want to automatically post these comments to your followers’ accounts; they may find this behavior spammy and you could actually lose followers.

This comes particularly in handy when you’re running a campaign by targeting tags or followers of usernames, but you’d prefer not to interact with your own followers/followings. After all, some of your friends or followers may also post media with these tags, but you don’t want to bother them with your campaign.

With this filter you can still use public media sources like tags, while not interacting with users who have already had a look at your profile.

User Profile Filter

We all know a spam account when we see it—no profile picture, only a few photos posted, and no name or bio. Now, you can automatically exclude these spam accounts from your Instagress activity with the powerful User Profile Filter.

You’ll find that there are low, medium and high settings for the User Profile Filter that make it easy for you to avoid accounts based on different levels of spamminess. The account only has to match at least one of these criteria to be excluded. For example, the high level allows you to exclude media that meet at least one of the following criteria: no profile photo, no name, no bio, less than 30 posted media.

As you can see, we really give you all the control to exclude spam accounts based on your needs and preferences.

Min/Max Followers Filters

Everyone loves the Min/Max Likes filter for targeting specific media. Now, by popular request, we have also added a Min/Max Followers filter, so that you can target less or more popular accounts based on your needs.

The Minimum Followers filter is helpful in excluding new, or spam accounts, whereas the Maximum Followers filter will help you to avoid overly popular accounts, who may not notice your marketing efforts.

Double Filtering

Our new double filtering features allow you to target more than one criteria at a time. Take a look:

Tag + Tag filter

The Tag + Tag filter allows you to interact only with media that has at least two of the tags in your specified list. This helps your targeted interactions to be even more specific to ensure that you’re only interacting with quality accounts that fit your specifications.

Location + Tag filter

The Location + Tag filter allows you to interact only with media that has at least one of the tags in your specified list and one of your specified locations. We recommend that you use this filter with popular locations.

Username + Tag filter

The Username + Tag filter lets you interact only with media that has at least one of the tags in your specified list that was posted by the followers/followings of the usernames you specified.

Remember: These filters are very specific. If you’re targeting very niche tags and rather unpopular locations, or usernames, you may find that your activity slows down quite a bit. Play around with these filters to find what works best for you.

Keywords Blacklist

The Keywords Blacklist allows you to specify keywords that you want your Instagress Activity to avoid. Our system will use this information to search not only hashtags, but also the text fields in a user’s profile such as the username, full name, bio, and website.

If any accounts use one of your blacklisted keywords in any way, this account will be blacklisted from your Instagress Activity.

Improved Internal Filters

After receiving a rather high number of support tickets regarding liking and commenting actions on inappropriate and pornographic material, the Roboclick team decided to investigate the matter. Our team found that even when Instagram blocks most nude/pornographic related tags, these spam accounts end up posting this type of inappropriate content on regular (and totally appropriate) popular hashtags. Therefore, if you’re using a popular tag like #bored or #inspiration your automated actions on Roboclick could comment on this inappropriate content.

Our team took action immediately to protect our users and developed our own internal system of blacklists that includes usernames, tags and keywords for all aspects of an Instagram profile including the username, full name, bio, website and media captions.

Now, even if you aren’t using the Blacklists feature, you’re still protected from inappropriate content by our new internal filtering system. We want to ensure that you’re only liking and commenting on appropriate media that appeals to you.

What do you think?

As you can see, we’ve worked hard to develop a cluster of new content filters that will help you to only interact with the highest quality accounts on Instagram.

Please, feel free to comment below to tell us what you think about these new filters!

P.S. Before you use these new filters, don't forget to carefully read the help tips for each new filter on your Activity.