Don't comment same users

Don't comment same users

When using Comment as one of your Actions, you can also customize your Activity with the Comment settings.
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Check this box to ensure that Roboclick will not comment on more than one photo or video from the same user in 90 days period.

This is a handy way to make sure that your automated Activity using Roboclick looks natural.


When your Comments Activity is turned on, a random comment will be selected from your list and added to the media of the user you’re targeting.

!Important information

Don't enter spammy comments that include web addresses or intense marketing language. Make your comments as generic and natural as possible. You can also use emoji to make your comments more noticeable.

Try to make your list of comments as different as possible. This will help your automated activity on Instagram Robot to seem more natural.

Our system remembers photos and videos that you have commented on to ensure that each media is only commented on once

Add Comments

Scroll down to Comments on your Activity page and click the  green button. You should add at least 10 short and generic comments.

!Comment restrictions

  • The length of your comment cannot exceed 300 characters.
  • The comment cannot contain more than 4 hashtags.
  • The comment cannot contain more than 1 URL address.
  • The comment cannot consist of all capital letters.
  • You can add up to 100 comments.
  • Tag Users in Comments

    You can use the %username% placeholder to automatically insert the post author’s username in your comment. This will automatically tag the post author in your comment.
    • Great pic, %username%!
    • Hey there, %username% :) You have the best pics.

Commenting with Spintax

You can generate thousands of unique comments using a format called Spintax.

Spintax is a writing format used to "spin" or rewrite existing content. Its purpose is to create many unique articles from one source article. Read more on Wikipedia: Article spinning.

Spintax format

Spintax uses the curly brackets { } and the pipe or vertical bar |.

The curly brackets hold the options and the vertical bar separates the options. Here’s an easy example:

  • {Nice|Cool|Awesome|Amazing|Incredible|Neat|Nice} photo!

This Spintax Comment will yield seven different comments, such as:

  • "Nice photo!"
  • "Cool photo!"

There are no limits on how many Spintax parts can be used in the comments.

Nested Spintax format

Nested Spintax refers to two levels of spinning. The following example will yield 12 unique comments. You can see the two different levels of nesting with the two colors:

  • {This {photo|image}|Your {shot|picture}} looks {nice|cool|awesome}!

Learn more on the blog.