Follow Instagram Robot

Follow Instagram Robot

When using Follow as one of your Actions, you can also customize your Activity with the Follow settings.
Roboclick Tuesday 21 August 2018 0 0

Follow cycle

Set your Follow cycle as the number of accounts you'd like Roboclick to follow on your behalf before switching to the Unfollow cycle.

!Important information

In order to use the Follow and Unfollow cycles, you'll need to have both Follow and Unfollow turned on in your Actions.

Don't follow same users

Check this box to ensure that Roboclick doesn't follow the same users again after unfollowing them.

!Important information

Please note that this setting might not function properly if you follow or unfollow manually.

Don't follow private users

Check this box and Roboclick will not follow private accounts on your behalf.

Still have questions? Then check out our blog post about Follow & Unfollow at the same time. You are welcomed to share any thoughts about this feature in the comments.