How to create more attractive stories on Instagram

How to create more attractive stories on Instagram

If you want to have more interesting stories on the Instagram, be sure to read this article.
Roboclick Monday 14 January 2019 0 0

One of the most important features of Instagram is the ability of Instagram story, which is often neglected by brands and is not used properly.

According to the previous subject that I mentioned about Instagram behavior with stories if your story doesn’t receive any good interaction from users or users spend less time in your stories, your stories are displayed to fewer people. 

On the other hand, Instagram story is the only part that you can place the like of website freely and attract users to your website. For this purpose your page should have 10000 followers and you should have business.

But despite all of these interpretation, the important thing is that you can create attractive stories so that users can interact with it better.

Usually a simple image does not get good interaction from the user.

Using various stickers provided by Instagram makes it possible to add attraction to your stories.