How to rank comments on the Instagram

How to rank comments on the Instagram

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Roboclick Tuesday 8 January 2019 0 0

Today, follow an article about Instagram news from Roboclick group to explain the subject of ranking comments on Insatagram algorithm.

In the new algorithm of Instagram, comment ranking is not the same as before which is ranking based on time in other words a new comment does not put higher and a special algorithm on comments ranking is considered.

In the new method of ranking comments, comments that get higher scores on Instagram are ranked higher. In fact, posting comments has become somehow a way to become more visible. The number of comments is the theory that represents this ranking. A comment that ahs the most number of likes has the high possibility of ranking.

Some of these theories that show rating comments are as follows:

1. Comments with high number of followers receive more points.

2. Comments that have more relationship with the considered post receive more points.

3.Comments that are posted by the most engaging followers of that page receive more points.

But the theories that are very close to the reality and you can get higher rankings in comments by following these tips; add comments with highnumber followers that changes this method to one of the methods that are seen on Instagram.

By improvement in this field, you can get more share of viewers.