Instagram popularity

Instagram popularity

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks among users of cyber space. In this article, we intend to explain about Instagram popularity among other countries .
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The reasons of Instagram popularity 

Nowadays Instagram is so popular among users of cyber space that you can find less people that don’t install this program on their intelligent cell phones.

31% of Instagram users are women and 21% are men.

At present, Instagram has 600 million users and this is growing every day. Most users of this social network are young generation. Instagram hopes to have one billion users in this network.

Instagram application is downloaded more than one billion time. The number of download for ios operating system is more than 8 million times.

1.Instagram is a free tribune for all people.

2. Tradable Instagram has advantages for owner of businesses from large corporation to house businesses that can introduce their product and services to people by creating a page on Instagram and attract customers. This kind of advertisement on Instagram has no tax and other expenses.

3. Immediate informing. Instagram has the most influence on issuing important events by publishing photos and videos.

4. Non-filtered Instagram for countries such as Iran that obeys filtering rules causes a lot of attraction.

5. Decreasing social distance in this network that makes relationship with famous people more easily. Actors, singers and athletes and …. have direct relationship with people by their ideas and activities. Critics and suggestions are done more easily and faster.

6. Other features of this network are being classic and modernity and explaining personality and identity. Also in this network, people have more social activity.

In which countries does Instagram have more users?

Recently, a list from statista website, in the newest monthly statistic on January 2018, issued that 10 countries have the most Instgram users

Following list show the most users of Instagram around the world respectively.

1.Unites Stated of America:  110 million users.

2. Brazil: 57 million users

3. Indonesia: 53 million users

4. India: 52 million users

5. Turkey: 33 million users

6. Russia: 29 million users

7. Iran: 24 million users

8. Japan:22 million users

9. England:21 million users

10.Mexico: 20 million users