Instagram Advertising

Instagram Advertising

Advertising on Instagram is one of the most modern and optimal ways to improve your business. In this article, we'll explain the best way of advertising on Instagram.
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One of the most productive and targeted promotions of the type of advertisement is currently Instagram advertising that you do it with cost less than other methods.

Does Instagram advertising have efficiency?

Yes, out of 10 smartphone users, at least 8 of them have an Instagram program and are active. By improving and extending Instagram in Iran and the world, Instagram has the best position for advertising in Iran and the world. You advertise your business meaningfully with Instagran advertising.

Advertising methods on Instagram

1- Advertising on Instagram pages

2. Advertising by Instagram Influencers

3. Advertising with the Instagram Robot

Advertising on Instagram Pages

In this way, you can introduce your page purposefully. For advertising Instagram pages, messages should be you sent to Admin of the pages. The tariffs for advertising and its conditions have been followed up. You should advertise with coordination.  

Benefits of Advertising on Instagram Pages

Advertising related to your work

Being seen your advertisement purepsefully

Attracting a few numbers of followers

Disadvantages of Advantages on Instagram Pages

The high cost in comparison with Instagram robot

Attracting few followers

Relatively hard coordination

Advertising on Instagram Influencers

Instagram Influencers are known and influential people on Instagram social network. Social network growing is affected people’s way and life. These people may share their everyday life, sports, entertainment, interests, hobbies, economic and political concerns and ... with posts and videos on Instagram. 

Advantages of Instagram Influencers Advertising

Introducing million numbers of advertisements to people

High efficiency

Introducing Advertising to all users of Iran

Suitable for brands

Disadvantages of Instagram Influencers Advertising

Million costs for 24 hours

Poor absorbing of followers

Not targeting small businesses

Advertising with Instagram Robot

One of the most awesome of Instagram advertising type is Instagram robot system, which can truly and accurately introduce your page to people. The system of increasing Roboclick followers can introduce your page professionally and specifically to the people of Iran and even the world.

The Advantages of Instagram Robot

Introducing the page specifically and purposefully

Attracting followers interested in your page

Management of advertising and its report  

Advertising and Introduction 24 hours a day

Attracting purposeful followers in a month at least 1,500 up to 4,500 people

Less cost in comparison of other advertising

And ....

Disadvantages of Instagram Robot

If you use this system properly, there are no disadvantages.


If you have new business or you want to become famous and popular and if you want to find people who are interested in your job, be sure to use Roboclick system. It is enough to register with free test just one tome and you can find the power of Roboclick.


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