Instagram Disability

Instagram Disability

Sometimes it happens to you that your page become disabled (inactive), in this article we will teach you the causes of disability and prevention method of disability.
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What is Instagram Disability?

Disobeying Instagram rules result into the inactivity or disability of Instagram account. In fact, if a page is inactivated by Instagram, changing that page is hard or maybe by chance. Certainly, you should prove that Instagram inactivated your page by mistake so that you return it.

The reasons of Instagram disability

You can study Instagram rules in the section of Instagram rules that is updated sometimes. But the most reasons of disability of Instagram account are as follows:

1.Using fake followers but it you act professionally nothing happens to you.

2. Copying text and other people’s photo without their satisfaction or without mentioning its reference (obeying the rule of copy).

3. Using unqualified and non-smart Instagram robots (against Roboclock other Instagram robots are divided on IP between some pages for decreasing cost and increasing profit) and unusual activity and not being non-smart makes Instagram users disabled. So choose the best and think about the future of your page. The system of Instagram robot doesn’t have any complain until now.

4. By using minor programs of Instagram and those programs that add likes and follower.

Returning the disabled Instagram page.

At first, enter your Instagram username and password from Instagram program. Then for viewing the following message, choose Learn more option.

At this stage, choose let us know.

At this page, you can return Instagram by two methods. It is asked you if you page is a service or brand. If you have this condition, choose yes. And if not, choose No. ( By choosing no, the returning is easier).

At this page, at the box of Full Name, enter your name and family name completely. At the second box, enter Instagram ID and at the third box 

enter email. If you don’t access to your Gmail, make a new one. And at the last box, enter the name of country and then put on send choice.

Usually less than 24 hours, an email is sent from Instagram and requests you to write a code an A4 paper if you want to return you page and write the ID of your Instagram page on A4 paper and take a photo of the owner of the page and send it in reply of Instagram email. Usually less than 72 hours the results will be declared if your page is returned or not.

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