Instagram or Google?

Instagram or Google?

For improving your business which service is better Instagram or Google?
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Because Google is older than Instagram and all strong sites and ranking sites with 5 or 10 years are registered on Google and older sites are paid attention by Google more so competition for new business on Google in hard and more competitive. So an important point is that if you establish new business with the least expense, you can improve with the system of Instagram Advertisement and by putting the site address on Instagram Bio you can have more visits.

The importance of Google to Social Networks

One of the important factors in Seo is the entrance of the user from social networks that you can do it easily with Roboclick system or in other words kill two birds with one stone.

Google Precedence

Google company is established by Larry Page and Sorgey Brin. At first, Google is established as a private company on 04 September, 1998 and its first sale of stock was done on 19 August 2004. In the view of precedence, Google is older than Instagram.

Instagram Appearance

Instagram is developed by Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger on multiple project of HTML5 that was called Burbn and in fact related to photography with camera in San Francisco. The first version of Instagram was established on October 2010. This service got popularity very fast and reached into 100 million users up to April 2012 and 300 million users up to 2014. At the present moment, this application is done up to 1 Billion at Google Play.

Which method is better for elementary users?

Instagram has significant facilities that have simple use. This causes a lot of popularity and if we have business, we can target people who do not know how to search on Google. We can attract reader regionally or from the whole country more meaningful than Google and introduce our page to others and at the least time in comparison with the high cost of Google reach to our desirable result.

Act Professionally

If you have business of a shop page, improve your business by having web site from Roboclick meaningful advertisement. You get to success and your desirable result less than 5 minutes by registration at Roboclick.

This is not slogan but we believe in our system.