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The most beautiful sense about the world is that there is one person in your life that loves you to the extent that other people don’t like you.
Roboclick Thursday 3 January 2019 0 0

Sometimes, a person loses himself...

Just for this hope that someone searches for him whom he waits

"It's not very difficult make people happy, it is enough just to tell him/her that you remember him/her"


A woman's affectation is always attractive

It isn’t related to the age. If there is someone that needs it, it is enough to understand him/her.


Loneliness is like the feeling of a person that sits in front of his/her dear and cries, he doesn’t expect him to be alive.

Only he cries to be lightened and forget it.


What a good feeling

That you and I

And a love that is not finishing


If you like him/her, it is not important that he/she tells you or not

If you take a look at him/her, you understand that there is something…

It means real love


Oscar of the most beautiful moment of life belongs to that time he/she tells you “You ask me”


I'm the bride of your heart

Princess of your dreams

Preserve your heart hard

If the world turn upside down

You are my king


Coming is good

But nothing is better than staying….

What does a person want from living?

Except something that smells staying


The reason of a woman infatuation of a woman is not the beauty of man!

A man is always beautiful,

When he kisses the injured heart of a woman


At my nights, you are the only one that is the moon and shine over the darkness of the impatient heart…


No one knows what happaened…..

at the heart of a woman who weaves her hair, pay attention to herself and is always smiling!...

No one knows!...


What happens at the heart of a man who is always smoking and walking in the alleys!...

The world is filled with sad people who pretend to be happy !

Weaving woman's hair


 must be done by the hands of a man who loves her

Because he died more than anyone else in that way ..


Loving means

When you think of him/her…. Her voice comes to your mind


The relief of the life is in these two words:

Man beside a woman, a woman besides a man