Marketing with Instagram

Marketing with Instagram

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Obviously, this question has been raised for you, too: “How to use Instagram for marketting  your business activities?

Instagram is a great social network and is a great way to communicate with your customers. You can use this network in line with your business. In general, if we can use Instagram correctly and know its tricks, we can easily make our brand more popular and also sell our products and services. Even if you do not have a site, you can use some of the marketing methods with Instagram to some extent. If you miss marketting with social media, you put aside a free and powerful advertising tool.

Tricks that improve your marketing on Instagram 

1. You can enter the website address in your profile. If you do not have a website, it is better not to leave it blank. For example, you can enter your Linkedin profile address. If you have a site, the best condition is that to direct people to your landing page instead of entering the address of real page of site. The landing page is a page where you receive the audience email and give him/her a gift. Gift can be a free e-book, audio tutorial, movie or any other intresting information .

2. Publish photos that attracts the viewer curiosity. If you publish very ordinary photos or even with excellent quality, you will not create any incentive to stop the photo. People are often faced with a lot of photos, and the only thing that stops on a specific photo is curiosity. There are many ways to create curiosity.

Take a little time and work on the creativity of the photos and see how much more attention is given.

3. Prioritize the training then selling

For example, you own sport shop. Your main job is training. Training is meant to provide tips and tricks about sport goods. You can also explain tips so that the reader can make better purchase by reading it. In fact, most buyers need help and training and prefer to buy a product from someone who provides better information.

4.  Do not put your profile photo fixed for a long time. Change your profile photo once a month. An intresting way is to change your profile photo or brand logo to suit changes, for example, in winter, merge your brand logo with snow. This is very attractive for users point of view. The second point for changing profile photo is that you are active from Instagram's perspective. If you are a more activated user, your photo has a better place in instagram search and the possibility of viewing your photos and following is more.

5. Try to have proprietary content in any medium you are activated in. It means that you do not broadcast all the posts on all networks. Let some of your posts be specific or special so that the reader is looking for it and it is attractive for him/her. He knows more and it is interesting for him that it is not in all networks..