New Feature: Don’t like same users

New Feature: Don’t like same users

With this new robot feature, you can no longer ascribe to the duplicate users you've already liked and go to the new Instagram users.
Roboclick Wednesday 19 December 2018 0 0

We’ve always offered the handy Don’t comment same users setting, which helps to ensure that your comments don’t come across as spammy to users. Now, we’re pleased to announce that Roboclick offers a Don’t like same users feature, too.

Don’t like same users will help make sure that you don't overload users with too many likes, and help you distribute your Like activity to as many users as possible.


By selecting this feature, Roboclick will not like more than 1 photo per username in a 30 day period.

Attention! For applying adjustment, click on save selection and stop System and start working again.