New methods of Instagram for more interaction among users

New methods of Instagram for more interaction among users

Instagram plans to upgrade its social networking position by providing new abilities. New abilities of Instagram have introduced recently and they focus on increasing the interaction between users and people who are following.
Roboclick Tuesday 1 January 2019 0 0

Instagram is considered new methods for interacting with users and creating deep relationship with people whom you are followed on Instagram.

One of the new abilities of Instagram is that you have new interactive sticker in the form of countdowns in your stories that let you count emotional moments with your friends. Countdown sticker is available universally on iOS and Android.

Other new abilities of Instagram for increasing interaction among users are answering the questions of the users by using the selected music. So that the questions are shown in the form of a specific sticker for someone who is playing a live video (live). You can use question stickers to suggest music in the stories with those who are playing live video or communicate with people at that moment that you are followed.

According to Instagram:

When you use sticker questions, you see a new music icon. When your friends respond, they can choose a song directly from the music library to share with you. Open the contact list to view all your answers and tap the play button to listen to the songs.

When your share your favorite song in the story, you can record photos or videos at background. You can also see new effects on camera that respond to blows and sounds of a song. To try out new effects, tap "Music" on camera and you see new icons above the camera record button.

But one of the most important added abilities on Instagram is special stickers for asking different questions that you can use them in your friend’s lives and those whom you follow them for asking your questions. One of the benefits of this ability is that the user's questions are not lost in the great amount of comments and make it easier to read and answer questions.  

These abilities are now available for Android and iOS cell phones and you can use them by upgrading them. Also, the ability of sharing photos and videos on Instagram lives is possible by sending upgrading for Android and iOS cell phones.