Recommended Settings for New Users

Recommended Settings for New Users

Whether you’re a first time Roboclick user, or you’re adding a new Instagram account to your Roboclick Dashboard, we strongly recommend using Likes only and Slow settings for the first few days
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. This will help to keep your account safe. You can gradually build up your speed and actions over time to ensure that your activity looks natural.

!Important information

Even if your Instagram account is an established older account, you are still new to Roboclick, and thus should follow the recommended settings for new Roboclick users.

Simply follow these easy 5 steps to set up your Roboclick settings:


Toggle the button next to Likes at the top of your Activity page so that Likes are on. We do not recommend turning on Comments, Follows, or Unfollows for the first few days your account is active on Roboclick.

2. Targeting: Tags only

For new users, targeting Instagram accounts by Tags is a great way to get started. Heres how it works: Roboclick will find Instagram accounts that have tagged their photos with the hashtags you enter, and like these photos on behalf of your Instagram account. In order to target the best hashtags, think about your niche and do some research. Are you a photography account? Try testing photography-related tags and see how those work for you. Then, try testing some art-related tags to see if those work better.

3. Use the Slow Speed

We strongly recommend using the Slow speed for the first few days on Roboclick. After a few days on Slow, you can gradually start increasing your Likes/hour over the course of the next week.

4. Input Tags

Now it’s time to manually add the Tags that you want to target. With Roboclick , you have all the control to target based on your specific needs. So, scroll down the Activity page to Tags, and add your tags. You can search tags here to see which tags are the most popular. You’ll notice a number beside each tag. This is the number of media (photos and videos) associated with this hashtag on Instagram. We suggest that you select popular hashtags so that there’s plenty of media for you to interact with. Don’t forget to select the check boxes next to tags and then scroll down and click the green Add button.

5. Click Start!

Now that you’ve entered your Targeting, you can click the Start button. You can easily see the actions that Instagress completes on your behalf at the top of the page. When you’re ready to adjust your Settings, you can simply click the Stop button, adjust the Settings, and then click Start again.


Please make sure that you’re not using any Filters, or multiple Targeting methods besides just Tags. Remember, Filters inherently limit the amount of media you interact with. These features are for more advanced users, and if you set them incorrectly, it could limit the effectiveness of your Roboclick campaigns. We recommend that if you’ve already set Filters and multiple Targeting, that you clear these fields out as a new user and start only with the recommended settings above.