We all know that a Timer function in Auto-stop settings right now is the most popular way to control your activity.
Roboclick Thursday 12 July 2018 0 0

But the main problem of this feature is that your activity will not continue going after it stopped automatically, and you will be forced to waste your time and switch it on by yourself. We think that this is not a very convenient way, that's why we present you the Schedule.

Schedule is a new function that will allow you to set up a perfect timing for your activity in your own unique way, at any day and hour you want, without restarting your activity manually. For example, you can automate your activity only during your weekdays or only during weekends. You can set up your activity in a spontaneous way for each day of the week and it will help you to act more unpredictable way.

To start using this great feature you simply need to press on the green icon Schedule, then set up desired activity hours and your time zone. Please, note that choosing the right time zone is very important for a proper functioning of your Schedule. After starting your activity you could see the "Paused" status sometimes when it should not work, as indicated in the Schedule. This status means that your activity is waiting for a pre-set time to resume it's functioning. When your activity is paused, you will not waste your purchased time.

We hope that this new function will bring up your activity to a whole new level. And of course we are always open for your ideas and suggestions how to make the Schedule better. Please, feel free to ask all your questions in the comments of this post.