Targeted Advertising

Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising is the best and most effective way of marketing to boost and enhance the customer in today's world in the section of targeted advertising techniques and ... I will explain.
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What is targeted advertising? 

One of the effective and high efficiency ways to introduce a business or product to people is in a centralized and purposeful way, which is carried out in a variety of ways.

Types of targeted advertising         

There are two types of advertisement:Modern&Traditional

Traditional Targeted Advertising 

One of the old methods of advertising is the publication of newspapers, printing promotional items, and paper advertisement and their sections in the area. Other method is sending SMS regionally that both condition cost a lot and currently has the low feedback because people are less attracted by this method.

Modern Targeted Advertising 

One of the best available methods is targeted advertisement on social networking. Advertisements on social network are very efficient and responsive. One of the best networks in Iran and the world is Instagram social network that due to target and broadness of network, it provides the capacity to create a suitable place for viewing and targeted advertising. You can advertise on Instagram regionally (GPS), hashtag, and Pageswhich Roboclick has this ability.

The advantages of modern targeted advertising to traditional targeted advertising 

Low cost of modern advertising over traditional advertising is that it is done at the least time and it avoids consuming papers. With targeted advertisement you can concentrate on Iran and the World.

Which method has easier marketing?

In this section, we totally talk about traditional and modern marketing.

The future of targeted advertisement 

By improving technology, amazing features are created on Instagram that Roboclick has this ability that you can use them.