Usernames Instagram

Usernames Instagram

Target the followers or followings of specific Instagram users.
Roboclick Thursday 6 September 2018 0 0

Targeting the followers or followings of Instagram users is a great way to engage with your competitor's followers, or piggyback off of similar accounts.

Select targeting source

Using Targeting source: Followers, Followings, Likers, and/or Commenters works best when you input high quality accounts.

Then, scroll down to the Usernames section of your Activity page and click the Add button.

Add Usernames

Simply type in a username to the search field on the Add Usernames interface and click the Search button to see usernames matching your search.


You can search multiple times without needing to close the popup. Simply click the box next to the username you want, and continue searching and adding usernames.

!Important information

Add at least one username to get data from if you are using Followers/Followings/Likers/Commenters as yourTargeting source.

You can add up to 100 usernames.

When you’re finished, don’t forget to click the green Add button to add all of your usernames to your Targeting. For applying adjustment, click on registration and  click the Start/Stop button on your Activity page to restart your activity after changing your settings.