What is the reason of pages’ inactivity on Instagram?

What is the reason of pages’ inactivity on Instagram?

Recently, many pages are disabled or inactive. In this article, we try to explain the reasons for inactivity, as well as the ways to recover the pages.
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Be with other educational articles of Instagram with Roboclick to help you find out why the pages are disabled on Instagram and talk about bringing them back.

Usually there are several reasons for pages’ disability on Instagram. In case of being disabled, your page will not be found in searches, and you will not be able to log into your page and will face with an error. And for a long time, your username is inactivated.

The reason for pages’ disability

1. Use Side Apps for Instagram

It means using apps that have Instagram function but have other names. This is one of the things that might be the cause of your page disability. Because if the developers of these apps violate the rules of Instagram, you will be fined.

2. Massive activities

Massive activities in a short time may also cause the disability of your page. Massive activities means erasing a lot of posts, following or unfollowing and …. In such cases, Instagram makes your page disabled so that the main owner can retrieve it.

3. Disobeying international rules

One of the main reasons of pages disability is disobeying international rules. The pages that are disabled by this reason are not usually restored.

International laws are laws that are considered crime in the case of disobeying in most countries of the world such as copyright rule. For example, if you have content inside your page that does not own the copyright rule, and its holder report your content, Instagram make your page disabled.

4. Using Instagram robots without quality and without intelligence (unlike Roboclick of the other Instagram robot that you observe, mostly one IP is divided among several pages for reducing costs and profits), and abnormal activity and non-smart cause Instagram users disabled. So choose the best and think about the future of your page. Instagram robot system of Roboclick does not have any objection until today.

Recover disabled instagram

1. If your page is disabled for any reason, you will probably encounter such a page when logged in. In this case, choose Learn More.

2. After entering the page Learn More, choose Let us know to open a recovery request form for you.

3. Fill all the requested information in the opened form. Note that in the field Full name, enter your name and surname not your page's name.

Then in the last field, type the case that you think the cause of closing your page in English and at last choose the option Send.