Why don’t we buy fake followers?

Why don’t we buy fake followers?

The existence of fake followers on Instagram pages decrease the validity of that page from Instagram view and this decrease of validity hurts the amount of posting in explorer pazge of Instagram.
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Today, with another teaching from the Instagram teaching collection, we try to explain all the tips for fake followers. Be with Roboclick.

The growing of selling and buying fake followers in Instagram has become hot today, and there are people who buy fake followers for getting high validity at a short time. But people who think this make errors. Buying fake followers will actually hurt your business.

First point: The types of followers that are sold are fake followers. In fact, no actual and active followers are sold. The only thing that gets from buying fake followers is the number in your profile page as the number of followers. Now, everyone knows that a page with 10k followers should have 2k  likes for each post.

Second point: These fake followers which are not real and active have negative effect on the interaction of your post. Based on Instagram algorithm, this point has negative effect on your post on explorer page not to be seen.

Third point: When some of your followers have no interactions with your posts; this will reduce the amount of post interactions in the early minutes of posting for 10% of the initial viewer, which will cause that Instagram show that post less than 2% of other followers.

One principle of psychology, named as the influence of the community, points to this fact that when people witness a huge flood of the population that has accepted a certain phenomenon, they will accept it..

But the remarkable point that has been neglected in this principle is that people have good understanding of social networks these days, and by observing the rate of interaction, they easily understand the unreality of followers.

But the best solution is that you think about increasing of your page’s followers essentially. Nothing is important to you than real followers and gives validity to your page. Other people understand the reality of followers of your page and they believe in your page and followers.

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