Why shouldn’t we buy Instagram pages?

Why shouldn’t we buy Instagram pages?

Buying Instagram page has some disadvantages.
Roboclick Tuesday 15 January 2019 0 0

If you want to buy page on Instagram, please study this article. Be with a collection of Instagram teaching from Roboclick.

Nowadays, we hear a lot about buying and selling page on Instagram and other social networks. Subject that should be paid attention are included as two parts: security issues and the level of interaction.

1.About instagram issues it should be said that from Instagram point of view, when a page is made it belongs to its first possessor and it cannot be sold. And also the first owner can take back the sold page from buyer even he/she spent a lot of money.  

2. about interactive issues of the sold page, the occurrence is that the subject and content of the page changed and in fact it loses 70 % of its interaction. In practice, it doesn’t have any profit for the buyer. If you look by reality and  logic to this point, you can conclude that instead of spending money on buying a page, spend it on content and advertisement. Certainly, you get better and positive result.

3.There is no guarantee that the page you buys cannot be without legal and judicial problems. With buying such pages, all responsibilities of the previous owner (unrelated comments or sometimes political, messages that are in direct and ….) are related to you.