Why shouldn’t we buy fake like?

Why shouldn’t we buy fake like?

One of the factors of Instagram for ranking posts is the interaction extent of post at early time of publishing posts. A lot of people buy fake likes and comments for increasing the amount of interaction.
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Today, with other article of Instagram educational articles, we intend to examine fake likes and comments and also their disadvantages. Stay with Roboclick.

Why shouldn’t we buy fake likes and comments?

There are several points to consider in this regard:

First point is that no real like and comments could be bought. And all these interaction which are bought, in fact they are fake.

Second point is that considering this fact one of the factors of Instagram for ranking posts is the extent of interaction at the first moments of publishing, these interaction should be from the followers of your page because those interaction that you receive from people who do not follow you has no effect on the ranking of your posts. 

 The process of buying likes is that unreal users enter your Instagram post page and like your posts and leave your Instagram page. When the number of these interactions in your posts increases, Instagram detects that some people unusually open your posts and interact with it. This condition happens when Instagram show none of home, search and explorer pages to these users. Repeating this case not only is not effective but also damages the validity of your page